When we started this business, being eco-friendly was a huge priority for us. We might be a small business but every little thing we can do helps. Here’s how we ensure we’re a sustainable business.


Our cards are all made from 100% recycled card. The beautiful speckled effect is actually made from recycled beer waste. Our card’s envelopes are kraft, which is made from recycled materials. We also wrap each card in a biodegradable film made from cornstarch. It might look like plastic but rest assured, it can be composted. Each card also has a sticker on that says “I am recycled”. The sticker itself is made from recycled paper.


All of our postage can easily be recycled. We use different packaging depending on what is purchased. 

Our boxes are made from cardboard which is biodegradable or can be recycled. 

We also use hard backed envelopes to protect cards when posting. These can be recycled. 

The tape we use to secure our parcels is high quality kraft tape. It is 100% recycled & our supplier posts them in eco friendly packaging.

The tissue paper and pink paper we use is recyclable.

Brush Lettering Kits 

Our brush lettering kits are printed onto FSC approved paper. All postage is as above. We also include blank stationary within the kit. The cards are made from recycled materials and the gift tags are kraft, which is made from recycled materials also. 


Our planners are made from recycled paper & printed using plant based inks.


We have bought the majority of our technology refurbished to reduce the impact we have. 


All stickers used are made from recycled paper. Our thank you notes we use for orders are also made from recycled card.

What are our plans for the future?

There are always ways we can improve as a business to become more sustainable, and try our best to take on board suggestions. In the near future we would like to source plant based, eco friendly inks. We are working on this at the moment and will update our statement once we’ve sourced new ink. 

Got an idea to help us be more sustainable? Contact us using our contact page.